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Coast to Coast

Originally hailing from the Maritimes (east coast of Canada), I made the big move across our huge country in 1998. And although I still may miss the amazing hospitality and deep sense of community of my maritime roots, BC will be my new forever home for this nature lover!

Being outdoors provides an endless and ever changing source of inspiration. There is rarely that a day goes by I don't take a forest walk, bike ride, or mountain hike; And each and every time I find something cool to discover! I feel blessed to live next to Stanley Park with over 1000 acres of amazing natural wilderness surrounded by the waters of the Pacific Ocean. And at times when big city life gets too intense I can always grab my camera and lose myself in nature's splendour. 

 Originally I started doing the dinosaur pics just for me;  but friends & family's reactions encouraged me to explore my childhood love even further. Now they seem to be my specialty and always make those who view them smile; a constant reminder to not take life too seriously!