Coast to Coast

Photography has been an interest of mine since I was a child. Mind you it was so much more of an issue dealing with film cameras back then... never knowing how a photo turned out until it was developed. And since we were not the most well-off family, affording the film and developing costs never let me get into it as much as I had hoped.

As an adult (and now being in the digital age), I’ve taken it up again and glad I did! Being out in nature provides so many beautiful shapes and textures to capture. Living my entire life within a km of the ocean (both Atlantic & Pacific) gives me lots of inspiration.

Photography also allows me to rediscover a childhood love of dinosaurs. Since dinosaur images are normally limited to drawings, paintings, or computer generations; By using custom-painted actual models in real settings gives a fun & unique perspective!

I never understand why people think only kids are ‘allowed’ to be into dinosaurs?! If you say you are into snakes/lizards or sharks then that’s ok... but to be fascinated by the most amazing creatures to ever walk this planet is childish?? Ya I don’t get that lol.